2022 Webinar Property Series with Leading Industry Experts

Tanya McGeehan, MCG Investments with James Hagan, Hagan Homes


One of Northern Ireland’s leading female property entrepreneurs, Tanya McGeehan, has teamed up with industry experts to launch a series of free online events to provide insights into how the market will perform in 2022 and examine some of the potential challenges ahead.

Tanya McGeehan, MCG Investments & James Hagan, Hagan Homes

In the first of three webinars entitled, ‘Property Investment in Northern Ireland – Are We Moving Forward?’, Tanya McGeehan, Managing Director of MCG Investments will be joined by James Hagan, Founder and Chairman of Hagan Homes on Tuesday 1st March at 10.30am to discuss the local planning system and how it is causing some developers to invest outside of Northern Ireland.

This will be followed on Tuesday 22nd March at 10.30am with, ‘Housing Market Outlook: What to Expect in 2022’, featuring Jordan Buchanan, Chief Economist of PropertyPal and Patrick O’Gorman, Principal, Bywater Properties. Tanya and Jordan will assess the local residential housing market for the year ahead as restrictions continue to ease and will look at what this means for buyers, sellers and investors.

In the final webinar on Tuesday 12th April at 10.30am, ‘Could Northern Ireland Face a Social Housing Crisis?’, Tanya will be joined by Carol McTaggart, Chief Executive of the Clanmil Housing Association and Professor Paddy Gray OBE, one of the UK housing sector’s most eminent figures, to discuss how housing is more than an asset class and the vital need for the Executive to have a plan in place to avoid the type of crisis that is currently emerging again in Dublin.

Tanya McGeehan, Managing Director of MCG Investments said: “Over the last two years, Northern Ireland’s property industry has experienced immense change and adaption. 2021 in particular was extraordinary as nobody could’ve predicted such growth coming out of a pandemic not to mention the pressure Brexit put on the industry. Rising inflation alongside higher energy costs and the ongoing impacts from Covid-19 are all factors that are still impacting the industry and the supply chain. The market may not be under just as much pressure as it was in 2021 in terms of the demand for materials but there are still plenty of obstacles to overcome.

2022 is already proving to be another busy, yet challenging year for the local property market, and to examine some of the key issues the industry will be facing, MCG Investments is once again hosting our annual series of webinars to examine this in more detail. We are delighted to have secured some of the leading industry experts for each of the three events and we will discuss some of the most pressing issues, challenges and opportunities. The webinars are free and whether you work in the industry, have a keen interest in it, are keen to get your foot on the ladder or might be looking to invest this year – I think there will be plenty of helpful information and advice for everyone.”

To register for the webinars please see the links below

Tuesday 1st March | 10.30am | Speakers: James Hagan &  Tanya McGeehan

‘Property Investment in Northern Ireland – Are We Moving Forward?

Tuesday 22nd March | 10.30am | Speakers: Jordan Buchanan, Patrick O’Gorman & Tanya McGeehan

‘Housing Market Outlook: What to Expect in 2022’,

Tuesday 12th April | 10.30am | Speakers: Carol McTaggart, Professor Paddy Gray & Tanya McGeehan

Could Northern Ireland Face a Social Housing Crisis?’

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