Does having Tenant Issues stop you from Investing in Property?

MCG Investments Property Investing in Northern Ireland

As landlords for over 15 years we understand the challenges that can be involved in dealing with tenants.

Tenant turnover, unpaid rent, and property damage can be real concerns for property investors. But, challenges come with solutions…

Speaking from experience, we find the following options are great at helping to minimise the above issues…

1) Professional Property Management

– Explore the benefits of professional property management services. They can handle tenant screening, lease agreements, rent collection property maintenance etc saving you time and stress.

With all of our portfolio building clients we ensure they are set up with a reliable, professional management agent to manage their properties from day 1. We work with a strong network of reliable, experienced lettings agents who we highly recommend. They know their specific area extremely well and know the type of tenants that will thrive in different types of communities across Northern Ireland.

2) High standard of quality accommodation

-Ensure your rental property is kept at a decent, quality standard finish which is clean, regularly maintained with all repairs swiftly addressed, this will entice tenants to remain in the property longer. Rental properties in poor condition will only ensure a high turnover of tenants.

3) Landlord responsibility

-Be a responsible landlord, comply with all statutory regulations. Tenants are aware of the legal requirements their landlords should be adhering to. Be ahead of the game and have all compliance documents readily available and up-to-date for all tenants to view, this will also help to ensure your tenants remain in the property for longer and build a better relationship between landlord and tenant.

4) Long-Term Leases & Tenant Screening

– Consider offering long-term leases to attract stable tenants. Stringent tenant screening processes can help identify reliable renters and reduce turnover.

Investing in property can be rewarding with the right strategies and support in place, if you have any queries please get in touch with us!


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