The personal touch we provide is paramount in establishing and maintaining loyal, essential relationships with our service providers, who have worked with us for over 15 years and are reliable, dependable and familiar with the high standard of work we have come to expect. In delivery of our services, we communicate directly with every member of our team from our project manager to our builders and the entire contracts team.

Within this summary we cover some of the crucial investment strategies of how to create wealth through property in Northern Ireland and in particular Belfast.

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Construction Project Management

We offer a hands off, hassle free project management service for clients. Each project will have agreed and unique objectives as well as its own timescale and budget which we manage throughout. We advise on statutory regulations and can complete the project on a third of the time, than a self managed refurbishment project.

Portfolio building

We provide a hands off, hassle free portfolio building service for our client’s, tailored to their specific criteria, for example, creating maximum cashflow per month; achieving X% of equity on each property from initial investment or generating maximum capital growth long term.

Property Sourcing

The MCG Investments team has expert knowledge of the local property market, strong working relationships with the main local estate agents, all of which enables us to achieve healthy returns for our clients.

Joint Venture

MCG Investments strongly believes in collaboration. Bringing together people and resources to use the collective experience, knowledge and funds to source, develop and build new partnerships and projects

Property Buying

Property Buying is the solution for property owners who need to sell their property fast. Are you struggling to sell a property due to disrepair, have you a property that requires refurbishment. We work with investors who are looking to purchase investment properties and are able to purchase your house quicker than traditional methods. We offer solutions that suit your specific needs whatever the circumstance.

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